here are some things people ask me sometimes.

Q: How long does it take you to fold a tessellation?

A: I honestly don’t look at the clock and keep track, because I’m just enjoying what I’m doing. I also don’t fold it all in one go; I take a lot of breaks. I tried to time a 15-inch hexagon tile tessellation recently, and I think it was approximately 5 or 6 hours.

Q: Do you have too much time on your hands or something?

A: No. Creating any form of art takes time and is enjoyable. Therefore, it’s worth making the time to do it. For me, folding a tessellation is a zenlike meditative experience. When I am anxious, it helps me to focus on one thing in the present moment instead of stressing about various things. Some people watch tv, drink, do drugs, or just sit around on the couch with their free time. I can do all of that while folding paper!

Q: Can you fold me this origami Yoda I found a picture of on the internet?

A: No, because I don’t want to. 🙂 I encourage you to create the things you have an affinity for though.

Q: I like something in particular that you made in the past/I have an original idea for something I’d like folded. Can you make me something for a fee?

A: Absolutely! Let’s talk. If there’s a particular item you’d like folded, I’d have to see it/feel it in person to see if the thickness/properties of the paper are suitable for folding. If you live in Rockford or Madison, I can likely meet with you in person to discuss. Framing is optional. Most of the time, I select a frame and sell it all together, but if you have a particular frame or frame maker, I am game. Let’s get weird.

Q: Is there anywhere else I can purchase your origami works?

A: Yes. It can be purchased at art shows (follow the facebook page for the latest). I have one item hanging at Macha Tea Company in Madison currently. If you are looking for a more inclusive interior design option, you can talk to Amy Ryan with Art Approach in Rockford, IL. She can work with you to find you all the artwork you desire to fill your space/walls for your home or office and delegate to me and whatever other artists you find that you like, complete with custom framing.